Off road vehicle use and E-Rideables

Published on Tuesday, 14 February 2023 at 8:08:42 AM


The Shire is aware of off-road vehicle use within the Southern Cross town site, including the bushland up to Three Boys Road.  Due to potential conflicts with pedestrians and nuisances caused to nearby residents, off road vehicle users are asked to avoid this area.

What is an Off-Road Vehicle

The Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act 1978 (the Act), defines an off-road vehicle as:

“a vehicle which is not licensed, deemed to be licensed, or the subject of a permit granted, under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012”

This includes but is not limited to motorbikes, quadbikes, some scooters and buggies.

Where can Off-Road Vehicles be Driven

The Act states off-road vehicles are only permitted to be driven/ridden:

  • On privately owned land with the consent of the owners: and
  • On land designated as a “permitted area” by the Minister of Local Government.

The Shire of Yilgarn has no “permitted areas” designated by the Minister, which means off-road vehicles should only be operated on private land, with the consent of the owner.

If you are interested in joining the Southern Cross Motorcycle Club, their email for contact and membership details is:


Both the Shire of Yilgarn and WA Police can enforce the requirements of the Act.

The Southern Cross Police will respond to nuisances around town sites and residences.  It should be noted, penalties do apply and if caught on gazetted roads, your off-road vehicle may be seized.

For further information, please contact the Shire of Yilgarn on 9049 1001 or Southern Cross Police Station on 9081 2100.

Rules for eRideable Devices

New rules have now been introduced to keep eRiders and other West Australian road users safe.

An eRideable device is:

  • A small electric rideable device with at least one wheel;
  • Is less than 125cm long, 70cm wide and 135cm high;
  • Is 25kg or less and not capable of travelling faster than 25km/h on level ground;

The following images detail the basic rules for eRideable use in Western Australia.  For more information, visit:

 erideables rules image erideables rules 2

eRideables are classed as vehicles, so all road laws that apply to vehicles apply to riders as well, unless they are expressly excluded.

eRideable riders share the same rights and responsibilities as drivers and must obey the road rules.

Southern Cross Police are authorised to undertake enforcement of eRideable devices and their use.

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