Tender 14-2018/2019 Southern Cross Aquatic Centre

Design Brief-New Construction


The Shire of Yilgarn is inviting tenders for “Design Brief - New Construction” for Southern Cross Aquatic Centre, and will be received until 3pm WST, 7TH May 2019.

Tender documents can be obtained by contacting Jenny Gemund  mcs@yilgarn.wa.gov.au or Laura Della Bosca  ea@yilgarn.wa.gov.au or by calling 08 9049  1001. To discuss details of the tender please contact Simon De Been on 04 38 204 808.

Tenders to be lodged in person at Shire of Yilgarn offices, 23 Antares Street, Southern Cross, WA 6426; mailed to PO BOX 86, Southern Cross, WA 6426 or emailed to ea@yilgarn.wa.gov.au.

Tenders to be labeled Tender 14-2018/2019, Southern Cross Aquatic Centre.

Late tenders will not be accepted.


Peter Clarke

Chief Executive Officer