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Rates Payment

Council Officers can assist you with the following information and advice relating to:

  • Rates information
  • Pensioner rates rebate scheme
  • Change of ownership and address
  • Property enquiries (fees are payable)
  • Council elections
  • Electoral roll

Your rates at work

Your rates fund the upkeep and maintenance of the Shire’s  investment in infrastructure such as roads, paths, parks and sport grounds, as well as the many community services the Shire provides, such as our sporting complex and library.

Council rates FAQs

Your rates help pay for the many public works projects underway all around the Shire of Yilgarn. Check out this list of frequently asked questions related to rates, or contact us for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make a special payment arrangement with the Shire?

If you are unable to pay your rates instalments due to financial hardship, you can apply to the Shire for a special arrangement. An administration charge per property will apply for each special payment arrangement, and penalty interest will accrue daily on the balance of the overdue account, until it is fully paid.

What should I do if I change my address?

Please advise us promptly in writing of any changes in your address. There is an obligation for property owners to ensure that the Shire has the correct address for service of notices.

What should I do if I just sold my property?

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act, when a person (whether as a principal or as an agent) sells or disposes of land, the owner/agent must advise the Shire in writing within 21 days of the change in ownership, giving full details of the purchaser.

How are my rates calculated?

Rates are calculated by multiplying a property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV) by the rate in the dollar set by the Shire Council, subject to a minimum payment which is set each year by the Council.

Gross Rental Value (GRV) is the fair rental value of your property, as determined by the Valuer General’s Office (part of Landgate), and is an estimate of how much you could expect to receive if you were to rent your property.

Can I appeal my property’s valuation?

If you feel that the valuation applied to your property is incorrect, you can lodge an objection with Landgate’s Valuer General’s Office within 60 days of the issue of your Rates Notice. For further information please contact the Valuer General’s Office on (08) 9273 7373.

Do I pay GST on my rates assessment?

GST is not payable on general rates, the emergency services levy or domestic rubbish collection charges.

Who is eligible for a concession?

Concessions apply to current rates and emergency services levy, but not to rubbish collection and other charges, which must be paid in full by the due date shown on this notice.

Eligibility provisions for any person seeking to register for rates concessions are:

  • Must be an owner AND occupier of rateable property at 1 July or earlier
  • If a pensioner, either:
    Must receive a pension AND hold a current Pensioner Concession Card or State Concession Card
    Hold both a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests AND a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • If a senior, hold a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests.

Seniors who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 25%, subject to a maximum amount. The option of deferment is not available.

If you are not registered as an eligible pensioner or senior, and feel that you may be eligible, please contact the Water Corp immediately. A pro-rata rebate may be available from the date of registration to pensioners and seniors who become eligible after 1 July.

If your circumstances change—particularly with respect to your ownership or occupation of the property, or your eligibility as a pensioner or senior—you MUST give notice immediately to the Council so that the registration may be amended or cancelled.


Policy: Rates And Charges Recovery Policy (Including Sewerage Rates Financial Hardship Policy)

Policy No 3.9
Section Finance
Last Review Date September 2022
Due For Revision September 2023


To collect all rates, charges, fees and debts due to Council in an efficient and effective manner.


Rates and Charges should be levied on or before 1st August in each year and are payable either in full within 35 days or by four equal instalments on the due dates as determined by Council in accordance with the regulation.

Any instalment not paid by the due date falls into arrears and is subject to interest charges. Council can take recovery action against all ratepayers with overdue rates and charges.

There will be no general distinction made for pensioners or any class of ratepayer, with each case being individually dealt with according to the circumstances. Council is aware that at different times ratepayers may experience genuine hardship in meeting rate payments and upon application suitable arrangements for the payment of rates will be considered.


  • All owners are issued with a Rates and Charges Notice under section 6.41 of the Local Government Act 1995 and where required with a Rate Instalment Notice section 6.45.
  • Where rates remain outstanding 14 days after the due date shown on the Rate Notice, and the ratepayer has NOT elected to pay by the 4-Instalment option, a Final Notice shall be issued requesting full payment within 7 days.
  • Rates remaining unpaid after the expiry date shown on the Final Notice will be examined for the purpose of issuing a Notice of Intention to Summons.
  • Where payment still remains outstanding despite the issue of a Notice of Summons, and the ratepayer has not entered into a payment arrangement a claim will be issued for recovery.
  • Where a claim has been issued and remains unsatisfied, action will be taken to pursue that Claim by whatever means, through Council’s solicitors or collection agency as the case may be, to secure payment of the debt.
  • Following the issue of a Claim and addition of legal costs, a reasonable offer to discharge a rate account will not be refused.
  • Where the owner is resident at the property in a domestic situation, that instalment arrangement will be calculated so that the minimum repaid over a full year will equal 150% of annual levies.
  • Where the owner is non-resident or a company (i.e. the property is an investment) the maximum period over which repayment will be permitted will be three months.
  • Legal proceeding will continue until payment of rates imposed is secured. This includes the issue of a Property Seizure and Sale Order against goods AND land if necessary.
  • If a Property Seizure and Sale Order against land is proposed to collect outstanding rates due on a property where the owner resides, approval of Council shall be obtained before the PSSO is lodged.
  • PSSO’s against land will be used to collect outstanding amounts in respect to investment properties without a requirement that these be referred to Council.
  • In cases where the owner of a leased or rented property on which rates are outstanding cannot be located, or refuses to settle rates owed, notice will be served on the lessee under the provisions of section 6.60 of the Local Government Act 1995, requiring the lessee to pay to Council the rent due under the lease/tenancy agreement as it becomes due, until the amount in arrears has been fully paid.

At all stages in this process from the issue of the Final Notice the opportunity to make a satisfactory payment arrangement with Council is offered prior to the commencement of legal action.

Policy: Recovery Of Fines And Costs From Sundry Debtors

Policy no 3.7
Section Finance
Last review date September 2022
Due for revision September 2023

Where fines and costs have been awarded by the Courts, or via Council’s  designated Recovery Agents from time to time, Solicitors shall continue to act on behalf of Council until satisfaction has been obtained.

All costs associated with the debt recovery effort shall be a charge against the defaulting debtor account.

Recovery Actions include:

  • Referral of Fines to the Fines Enforcement Registry if unpaid after the due date,
  • Summons for any account with an outstanding balance greater than $200.00,
  • In the event that a Summons remains unsatisfied, a Judgement Summons or Warrant of Execution will be applied to the Debtor,
  • In the event that legal action is exhausted, with the debtor being unable to satisfy the Warrant of Execution (i.e. the Bailiff cannot seize goods to dispose of, to meet the value of the debt), then the account will be referred back to Council for consideration.

Sewerage Rates & Hardship Policy

Rate payers have the right to request a review of their rates bill to ensure that they are not being undercharged or overcharged for their sewage rates.  If the customer is dissatisfied with the review he/she can request to speak to the CEO about the matter.  The customer is to be informed of the outcome of a review within 15 days of the request.  If the customer is still not satisfied with the review then staff should direct them to contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman.

If a ratepayer advises the Shire that they are unable to pay or has difficulties in paying the sewer rates on their property, staff are to refer to the Shire of Yilgarn Financial Hardship Policy for Water Services March 2014 to assist the ratepayer.  If a satisfactory result cannot be agreed on then the ratepayer is to be advised they can refer the matter to the Water Ombudsman

Rates Officer

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In Person

Shire Administration Office – Antares Street, Southern Cross.

8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Cash, cheque, EFTPOS.

By Mail

Shire of Yilgarn
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Cheques payable to: “Shire of Yilgarn”.

Do not send cash via mail.

By Phone

Call the office on 08 9049 1001 between 8:30am and 4:30pm with Invoice information and Credit Card details.