Rubbish & Landfill

The Southern Cross Landfill Facility is now operational to the public during the stated operating hours.  The landfill access road feeds off Southern Cross South Road, approximately 4.6km’s south of the Great Eastern Highway intersection.

The landfill facility is a staffed site, please ensure you follow directions from the attendant for your safety, and the safety of others using the site.  To ensure costs are kept to a minimum, the operating hours for the site will be restricted.

 Landfill directions map



1:00pm to 4:00pm


1:00pm to 4:00pm






1:00pm to 4:00pm


10:00am to 4:00pm


10:00am to 4:00pm

Residents will not be charged for depositing residential waste at the site during opening hours.  Please make sure you bring with you some form of identification that shows you are a resident of the Shire of Yilgarn.

Commercial operators will be charged as per the fees and charges; these are available HERE.  There will be no money transactions onsite; all commercial operator payments will be via EFTPOS at the Shire admin office (measuring and quoted price will occur at the landfill site, and then call 9049 1001 for over the phone payment). Local contractors may be eligible for an account - please contact the Shire Administration Office to enquire.

No scavenging will be permitted, however we are considering a recycling area.

Bulk cardboard and comingled recycling bins will still be located at the Southern Cross Sports Grounds for use at any time.

General Rubbish (green lid bin) is collected every Thursday from premises receiving a service in Bodallin, Moorine Rock and Marvel Loch and every Friday in Southern Cross.

Recycling (yellow lid bin) is collected on the second and fourth Friday of each month in Southern Cross, Marvel Loch, Moorine Rock and Bodallin.

Important information for rubbish and recycling collections:

  • Only 240 litre MGB “Wheelie Bins” with lids will be collected;
  • Bins should be placed no further than one (1) metre from the road with the handle facing away from the road;
  • Bins should be put out by 6:00am on the day of collection;
  • If your bin is damaged the Shire has limited parts available;
  • If you require a new or replacement recycling bin (yellow lid), you need to contact Avon Waste on Ph: 08 9641 1318 to order a replacement. Fees apply.
  • If you require a new or replacement general rubbish bin (green lid), you need to contact the Shire via Ph: 08 9049 1001. Fees apply.
  • Only household rubbish should be placed in the general rubbish bins.
  • For information on what recyclables can be accepted in the recycling bins (yellow lid), please follow the link and choose the yellow Recycling button:


The Shire has several bulk recycling bins for use by all residents located at the Southern Cross Sports Complex  and the Landfill facility

The following should be noted, regarding use of the landfills:

  • Scavenging is NOT permitted, penalties apply;
  • Asbestos is only accepted at the Southern Cross Landfill by prior arrangement, click this link for the asbestos deposit request form;
  • Fees and charges apply for commercial operators, see link attached;
  • The Shire operates a sullage pit that accepts septic and grease trap waste, collected by authorised controlled waste carriers.
  • Please be advised, the Rural Landfill Sites within the Shire or Yilgarn are appointed as landfill sites for local residential\farming use only.  As signposted at each site, persons utilising these sites contrary to the requirements are in breach of the Litter Act.  Due to a number of complaints from local residents, the Shire will be monitoring these sites, including utilising CCTV, for compliance.  Penalties apply for breaches of the Litter Act.

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Yilgarn 2024-2025 Recycling Calendar